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Delta Electronics obtains LED streetlamp projects in New Taipei City

Power supply maker and energy management solution provider Delta Electronics has disclosed it has obtained a follow-up PFI (private finance initiative) project from New Taipei City government for replacing about 110,000 existing LED streetlamps with new energy-saving ones in the city.

Delta in 2014 obtained a PFI project for installing these existing streetlamps, with the installation saving 1.11 billion kWh of electricity during six years, compared to the original conventional streetlamps, said the company.

Delta will begin to install new LED streetlamps later in October 2020, with the replacement processs to last over 10 years and power savings to reach about NT$150 million (US$5.2 million) for the city during the period.

Of the new streetlamps, 8,500 will be smart streetlamps featuring wireless connectivity with the city's real-time management system. Some of them will come with flooding detection devices, while others wil be equipped with IoT sensors, monitoring devices, IP cameras, micro weather stations, traffic lights or power charging piles for electric vehicles (EV).

Deltal said that since 2010 it has installed LED streetlamps and smart ones in six metropolitan areas in Taiwan and undertaken LED street lighting projects in Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, with more than 800,000 LED streetlamps cumulatively installed globally.