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BOE reportedly enters iPhone 12 OLED supply chain

The freshly released iPhone 12 devices all feature OLED screens. China-based panel maker BOE reportedly was initially not among the OLED suppliers for the new Apple smartphones, but is now said to be ready to ship OLED screens in small volume for the 6.1-inch iPhone 12. The overall handset market in China may have been weak this year, but 5G smartphone sales are picking up. Sales of 5G phones in China may reach 150 million units in 2020. The TV market in China has also been unimpressive. TV sales during the shopping season around China's October 1 National Day dropped on year.

BOE to ship OLED panels for iPhone 12 in small volume, say sources: BOE Technology reportedly will start shipping 6.1-inch OLED panels, albeit in small volume, for the just released iPhone 12 in the second half of October, with prospects to gradually ramp up related shipments in 2021, according to industry sources.

China 5G phone shipments to top 150 million units in 2020: Sales of 5G phones in China, already in full swing, are expected to gain a further boost in fourth-quarter 2020 thanks to higher than expected pre-orders for iPhone 12 lineup received by e-commerce operators there, according to market observers.

TV sales down in China during National Day shopping: TV shipments during China's three-week shopping season around the National Day (September 21-October 11, 2020) totaled 2.684 million units, down 8.3% on year, according to All View Cloud (AVC).