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Konka to Release Mini LED Backlit TV, More Mini LED Products Entering the Market

Chinese TV brands have been proactively launching Mini LED backlit TVs. After TCL and Xiaomi releasing their new products, Konka also announced that it will debut a 75-inch 8K TV featuring Mini LED backlight technology.

Konka said that this 75-inch 8K TV adopts Mini LED backlight technology with more than 20,000 units of Mini LED chips to realize 5184 local dimming zones. Implementing IPS RGB display, the TV achieves 8K resolution and support 120Hz and 60Hz refresh rate.

Since leading brands such as Apple and Samsung are reportedly launching products based on Mini LED backlight technology, other brands are joining the game with TVs, notebooks and monitors. Among which Chinese players are running ahead of others as TCL, Xiaomi and Konka unveiled their Mini LED backlit TVs.

TCL’s 75-inch 8K Mini LED backlit TV also features 5184 local dimming zones with contrast rate reaching 1,000,000:1. The company also debuted its 6 Series Mini LED backlit TV for the international market which uses less Mini LED chips and 240 local dimming zones. Taiwan-based LED packager Everlight is reportedly the supplier of TCL’s Mini LED.

Xiaomi revealed its 82-inch Mini LED backlit TVs as well, covering two versions of 4K and 8K. Xiaomi’s Mini LEDs were supplied by LED vertical integrated manufacturer Lextar, according to industry sources.

It is worth noticing that TCL and Xiaomi’s Mini LED TVs all adopt the solution of SMD, while Konka’s Mini LED TV used COB solution. Based on the analysis of LEDinside, currently the SMD solution is more competitive in terms of cost. However, the price of Xiaomi’s 8K Mini LED TV is already pricy at nearly RMB 50,000 (US$ 7,363), the COB-based Mini LED TV of Konka could be even more expensive. Konka has yet disclosed the price of the product.

Despite that nearly all leading brands are pushing to accelerate commercialization of Mini LED products, cost management is still a major issue. As Samsung and TCL reported that they will produce Mini LED backlit TVs in volume in 2021, we may soon see the feedback of the market.

By LEDinside