Touch Product

Touch Product

 Resistive Touch Screen 
乾一科技 DayStar Display - Touch

The 4-wire resistive touch screen is the earliest technology of resistive application.

The manufacturing technologies are mature and stable, mostly used in small and medium sizes.

The development of interactive touch screen products not only makes product operation easier
but also emphasizes on feeling of interactive communication with consumers.

 Capacitive Touch Screen 
乾一科技 DayStar Display - Touch

The surface capacitive touch screen is a pure glass technology. It has a high transmittance (>95%),
high sensitivity, and durable characteristics, especially for ATM, Kiosk and other public areas use.

In addition, we can provide vandal-proof products to enhance solidity and durability.

 Infrared Ray Touch Screen 
乾一科技 DayStar Display - Touch

Small and medium sized series have two real points and support full gesture.

They have the characteristics of waterproof, vandal-proof and a long lifecycle.

The series is the best choices for POS, Kiosks or ATMs.

Large sized series are designed for large sizes of infrared ray touch screens over 32 inches.

The superior light resistance and stable line drawing are suitable for digital signage and
electronic whiteboard.

The above products can directly support HID without installing any drivers under USB in



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